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How to Envision your Life

Are you feeling like your whole world is upside down? Are you looking for change? Something New? Are you happy with what you are doing? Are you happy with where you are at with life but feel like you are looking for a new spark? Are you unhappy? If you feel like you are at rock bottom with your goals, your career, your health, your parenting, your relationships and don't know how or where to go to take the next step or alternative avenue, then I am here to help you.

I am here to help you take the steps to be the change in your own life.

I am here to help you take charge of your current situations and circumstances.

I am here to help ignite your flame within by envisioning your life.

So how do you ignite the flame within?

It's Simple

You Envision Your Life
By Living Every Moment

Hello and Welcome

Envision Life

Envision Life

My name is Allyssa Baker and I delight in helping others unlock their true potential through mindful positive living.

 I  have  dedicated  my  life to my true passions: my family, the ocean, yoga and surfing.

 I found Yoga in my teenage years to help improve my health and increase my ability to surf. 

As a lover of the ocean, I’ve been a surf coach since 2006 and a yoga teacher since 2012.  

Join me in a journey of self-discovery as you unlock your true potential and gain happiness.

Envision Life

Live Every Moment

Let Us Help You Get Envisioned

Envision your Life

Why Envision Life?