Peek a boo, I see you

It’s funny how you could buy a toy that you think is great, give it to your baby and they only play with it for five minutes then start to cry.

It’s too much for them. I could give my babies as many toys as I want but after a while they would still just want me.

Since the beginning of the third month, a baby can normally start to smile at the appearance of human faces. You can use this developmental achievement to start playing the Peek-a-boo game with your baby.

Lean over your baby, cover your face with your hands or a baby wrap and ask “where am I”, remove your hands and say “Here I am”.

When I play this with my babies they all react with joy and smiles. Better still, this game is the start of your babies cognitive development which is much needed in the toddler years when they start learning how to speak.

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6 Tips on speaking to your Newborn Baby

With the help of your voice and speech, your baby will develop the habit of active listening, which is a prerequisite for the development of any child’s speech and language. Although your baby will not be able to understand you, your voice will be like magic to them. Because all babies have an inborn need for social interaction. Speaking to your little one will help develop strong bonds between yourselves and secure attachment as well.
Here are a few tips on talking to your baby

1. Talk to your baby from day one about anything and everything and never stop.

2. Always talk to your baby as a respectful person.

3. Talk in a simple way so your baby can understand you and the tones in your voice.

4. Repeat their name, again and again. Tell them that they are a good boy / girl. Positively encourage them.

5. Talk with soft, singing like voice.

6. Your face should be close to a Newborn baby while talking or playing, so that she can see you better whilst they are young.

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