Yoga for seniors


Yoga for seniors , follow the guidelines to stay flexible

Doing yoga at any age is acceptable. It is a matter of picking the yoga type you wish to do within your abilities. However, practicing yoga helps aging better as you can build strength and stay flexible through low-impact moves.

Yes, seniors or older people can do yoga asanas. Yoga is union of various aspects of existence such as the mind, body, breath, etc. In fact, yoga can be performed on and off the mat. It is possible for people in all ages and also from all walks of life. Using the yoga techniques to create a joyful and harmonious existence helps.

Elderly can perform gentle yoga asanas. However, if you are new to Yoga it is best first get your doctors approval and practise from the guidance of a yoga teacher. Here are some basic guidelines for seniors to keep in mind.

Always do gentle yoga warm-ups. It may also be beneficial before you begin your yoga session to go for a brisk walk to warm up the whole body offering the joints movement.
Practise breathing techniques (pranayama) in the most comfortable sitting or laying position for you and your body.
It is beneficial to practise a vinyasa flow sun salutation. However ensure this is modified to suit your body and ability with your yoga teacher.
Standing yoga poses such as Triangle Pose and Warrior 2 are examples of some simple poses to perform. Using props such as blocks, walls or seats aid in correct postural alignment.
Sitting yoga poses such as modified butterfly pose, seated forward fold, child’s pose and cat stretch are beneficial poses for seniors. Using blocks, blankets or bolsters can assist in all sitting positions.
Laying positions such as modified laying butterfly, laying spinal twist or relaxation is beneficial. Ensure proper use of yoga props are used.
Relaxation such as Yoga nidra techniques is one of the most essential part of yoga practice, and with the progress of the age, it is beneficial to have every day. If the body doesn’t allow you to practise everyday, just sitting comfortably with a guided yoga nidra practise is all you need.

Seniors practising yoga asanas should opt for comfortable and stable pose so that it is done with awareness and in a comfortable manner.

Check your inner gauge; just do only as much as you can. Ensure you are able to retain a smile while performing the yoga. Any yoga performed causing a frown on your face or pain is an indication to stop.

The asanas performed by younger individuals may be more challenging in terms of holding the pose, the effort exerted in the posture and in the flexibility. This may include cardio vascular movements and is more appropriate to promote body fitness and endurance to high level.

With age, the seniors must avoid yoga poses that cause trouble. This is because with age the immune system and the efficiency of the body deteriorates, thereby increasing the chances of diseases. However, with regular yoga techniques practice, such as meditation, pranayama and asanas, even senior can stay away from unwanted misery and enjoy a more fulfilling and happy life. May you find peace, joy and happiness in your yoga practise.

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